Our Expertise

Electrical arts.

Our expertise in the electrical arts includes:
• Analog & digital electronics in general
• Telephonic and satellite communications
• Computer architecture & software
• Computer-operated machines such as robotics
• Devices using electrical principles
• Electrical apparatus & processes in general
• Lighting systems of the electrical or fiber optic types
• Optical image processing
• Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating such devices
• Photovoltaic solar cells and optical concentrators for solar cells

Mechanical arts.

In the mechanical arts, our experience includes:
• Combustion engineering and electrical power generation
• Devices using mechanical principles
• Fluid control systems and processes including jet engine technology
• Mechanical apparatus and processes in general
• Optics and optical image processing
• Papermaking machines and processes

Chemical arts.

In the chemical arts, we have represented clients in the areas of:
• Bio-medical apparatus
• Organic chemistry technologies in general
• Plastic polymers, paints and other coatings
• Pharmaceuticals and other biochemicals
• Polymers